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(Deep Within the Creeping Forest)

"As of now, all of ye are under command o' me, Gunpowder!"

Announces a Gabite from the front of a crowd of gathered sneasels; his voice is gruff, but almost sounds...forced or forged. Although, over his left eye is his signature eye patch and on top his head is his distinctive pirate hat. One of the sneasels approaches Gunpowder's imposing figure and others begin to fill in the gap he leaves from the bushes to where he stops in the middle of a clearing, only perhaps five feet from the gabite. A threatening sneer across the ice pokemon's muzzle.

"And if we refuse?!"

Without warning, the dragon's mouth open large and a brilliant burst of flames produces from it. Gunpowder then rears his head to and fro which effectively spreads the flames around the whole gang. He stops only when the shrieks an curses are audible from all, his flames having grazed over those closest to him.

"I never said that was an option! And unless you be rearing to get another "heating up" I suggest ye fall in line!"

(At this point, before anyone tries to comment with something like ">:U Gunpowder doesn't have any fire attacks!!" I just want to say, it will make sense if you continue reading till the end~)

The bluish green fur hackles along all of the sneasels' spines and necks because instinctively they knew the danger of fire to their kind; it was similar relationship of an oven to an ice cube. With their muscles tense, most of the group takes a subconscious step backwards. Gunpowder could tell, though they were silent, that their fight was gone from them as their eyes were large with respect and fear. He swoops one large taloned fin through the air, directing their attention Eastward.

"Come on ye lot!"

The dragon roars before turning to follow the appointed direction. He need not turn around to know the group was hesitantly beginning to follow him. The smell of burnt grass and foliage still smoking into the air, an extra reminder for what will come if they do not follow. A cocky smirk crosses the gabite's muzzle as they march onward towards the guild.


With a snarl the dragon whips his head around to look behind him and his group to the intruder. A zangoose, a makeshift eye-patch over his left eye and standing next to him is Rhodes. Gunpowder only laughs. "Aren't you a little old to be doing the merchant's guild's dirty work, old timer? Go home, before you lose your other eye out here!" For added effect, he brings his foot down with a thundering noise to the ground.

"Blah!" The zangoose wrinkles his lip up, revealing his teeth.

"This isn't their dirty work, I'm just here to personally kick your ass!" Although all his hairs rise to betray his true apprehension about fighting a guild leader, his pride overcomes any shame he could feel from losing as it would be far less than what he would feel from fleeing. And something is just not quite right about....

The zangoose's arm comes to life with electricity, it cackles and hissing, the noises increasing to a high-pitched whine as he rears his arm back, while running forward, and then releases the energy into a single bolt.

Without time to block, Gunpowder takes the hit and his image appears, at least to the naked eye, to fade? Smoke comes and then evaporates as quickly as it comes to reveal no tall gabite, but instead a young zorua. The zangoose stops his attack, his mouth agape.


Before he can recover, a loud screeching sound from the trees above catches his attention and soon a strong, airborne figure collides with his chest, throwing him backwards into the trunk of a tree. Hard. The impact itself knocks the breathe from his lungs. Although his initial reaction is to get away soon there is a crushing claw holding him in place. The zangoose snarls as best he can with not air in him, finally able to see his attacker. A shiny brown rufflet, as young and determined as the zorua he no doubts is in cahoots with.

"You're not going anywhere." The bird replies rather calmly and seriously.

"Look at what you did you old buffoon! Ruining my illusion" The zorua's mouth begins to heat up and glow with the presence of flames, as she aims to take the zangoose down herself.

"That's enough!" Loud, thundering, but surprisingly swift steps, make their way through the brush. A brief flash of deep purple and a claw raking through the trees slices through twigs, leaves and everything else the forest uses to cover until it knocks straight into the Zorua. The claw belonging to a female aerodactyl.

"Jasmine!" The zangoose turns from his struggling to look.

The rufflet screeches. "Cleo!" He releases another screech and he too glows with aura, summoning what rocks as there into a slide at the attacker of his comrade.

Jasmine takes to the air and maneuvers through or around the rocks, using her bulk to push through she moves in to land a knock-out blow to the Zorua.

"Back off!!" The rufflet turns, intending to intersect their battle.

"Keep your eyes on your own opponent!" The zangoose throws repeated and fierce punches and slashes from his close range. He goes after his head and chest, but it doesn't seem to be too effective.

"Let me show you a real attack!" He screeches, intending to finish this quickly, his claws aim for another crushing blow and he moves in, but instead of fur he makes contact with the bark beyond, a hole in the ground where the zangoose stood only moments before.


Before the bird can removed himself from the bruised tree a thunderbolt comes flying out from the hole and it's conjuror following after, unlike the other move this one sends the rufflet reeling. Off in another part of the path, Jasmine, the aerodactyl, as already subdued the weakened Zorua.

"You alright Ace?" Jasmine asks, her attention on the zangoose, who took most of the blows.

"Fine." He grunts. "Damn kids, turning his back on the rufflet he makes his way over to the Zorua that was the original "cause" of all this. He carefully lifts her up with his claws from under the arms, making sure to slice nothing.

"What the hell were you-"

"Didn't you say something before about not turning your back on your opponent!?" The rufflet yells as he catches his second wind and scrambles his way to his feet. Moving fast, he closes in on the rest of the gathered fighting pokemon with a brave bird attack to which Ace moves to take him on again. Having been idle long enough, Jasmine uses her bulk to push her partner out of the way and takes center stage to release a primal roar, her skin beginning to faintly glow and the very ground beginning to bend below making deep cavasses which seem to glint with their own glint.

"Wait is that...?" The Zangoose begins.

"Gold!" The rufflet shouts, his attack halted.

However before anyone can move in the ground turns unstable and hot, whatever is down there melts and/ or before infused in the rock to a point where it is rendered worthless. The light from Jasmine's body glows bright enough to blind as energy is released in the form of ancient power, which crashes into the rufflet and sends most of the sneasels, who have been watching from the sidelines, running.


When the light subsides and the ground returns to normal, Jasmine turns to her partner. "Are you alright?" Concern litters her face as the Zangoose looks, beyond shocked. She blinks as she waits patiently for his answer.

"....You just destroyed Slasher's treasure trove!!!" He yells out, exasperated which causes the aerodactyl's sweat to drop. She chuckles nervously. "opps~?" Ace's only reaction being a long sigh. "Huh?" Something in the grass catches his eye, something as blue as the sky and on a fine golden chain. A smirk returns to his features once again. "Ah-ha!!" He picks up, and dangles his prize by his claws into the air to show the aerodactyl, but her however is surveying the area.

"I don't see the zorua or the rufflet..."

Ace shrugs in response, he seems unconcerned.

"They probably ran off." He gives another sigh. "And it looks like the sneasel's did too.." His expression falls and he crosses his arms together.

"This mission's a bust.-" A rustling in the bushes catches the pair's attention and as they watch a blue-ish green head emerges and looks up at the merchant team.

"A-are the rogues gone?" The sneasel stammers out nervously and her question is met with a nod. With that knowledge, she makes her way out from the bushes.

"Thank-you, you guys are really strong."

Ace shrugs, getting a little smug from the compliment, but Jasmine, who has walked over, only grins sincerely.

"You know.." Ace starts. "There is room in the merchant's guild if you want to get stronger too. And make some money." The sneasel seems to mull the idea over in her mind. Afterall, more rogues could just come back after they left.

"Alright..." She says with growing confidence. "Let's get going then."

My 4th and final part of the merchant side mission. I tried my hand at a written piece this time. :/ I'm not quite as satisfied with writing it over drawing it, however writing it was faster than drawing. The preview image is of the beginning scene.

:iconsewreel: drew Gunpowder who I just realize now is missing his hat. XD I'll add it later and finish the picture fully too

App: [link]

<3 I'll update it with the new team member later.

Prev: [link]
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